Sunday, September 2, 2012


Shorts:DIY//Belt:Thrifted//Shirt:Junior Olympics participant t-shirt//Shoes:Toms  

Cross & triangles bracelets: Charlotte Russe//beaded bracelets:Free people

    Hi there. Man has this week been busy! Between school,cross country,and re-doing my new room I feel like I've neglected my lovely blog a-bit, which i defiantly want to change. Also,just a little bit of info about my new room, I'm moving into my sisters old room and I am so excited! Yesterday we painted it and I'm obsessed with the color(The pictures were taken before I painted it). Tomorrow we have the task of painting my furniture and starting to make my curtains. Make sure to tell me if you want to see a  virtual room tour once I'm done. 
    Anyway, I'm still loving my american flag shorts I made here, this time i paired them with my t-shirt from the junior Olympics and my Toms for a casual look. For accessories I wore a red belt, a bandanna, and of course some arm candy.Thanks so much for reading and thank you to everyone that has started following my blog recently, I appreciate it so much! I hope everyone has a great week!



  1. you look so sweet, i love your shorts! i'll definetly have a go at your diy some day :) xx

  2. I love those shorts and the way you accessorized :)